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60 minute General relax massage therapy. Free 30 minute steam bath Sauna. Massage Therapy high technology.

60 minute General relax massage GEOTHERMAL THERAPY

Stone massage Therapy, the calming effect on the nervous system. Improves sleep, joint pain and the circulation. While also reducing stress and anxiety.

General relax massage Therapy can help:

137 Hàm Nghi Foot Massage

Back Pain
Hip or leg pain
Muscle Cramping
Muscular Spasms
Neck and Shoulder pain
Postural distortion
Arm and hand pain
Why Choose us. We are one of most relaxing salons, where our trained therapists offer you peace and tranquility whilst being treated.
Come in and relax to soothing music as our therapists provide the perfect treatment.
Our massage is specially designed to help people achieve the perfect mind-body harmony.
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